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Rise & Shine

Daily Grind

In The Kitchen

Learn to cook with hemp with our virtual workshops.


Outdoor Adventure

Let hemp elevate your next outdoor trek. Grab a hemp bar for fast and nutritious energy. Achy joints keeping you from enjoying the outdoors? There’s a hemp-infused cream for that. Going on a chilly PNW hike? Don’t leave home without warm hemp gear for you and your pet. Enjoying a sunny day? Don’t forget your CBD sunscreen!

Time to Relax

Whether you’ve had a long day at work or just got back from a challenging hike, reward yourself with the relaxing effects of hemp. Enjoy a hemp smoke to relieve soreness and ease tense muscles. Envelope yourself in aromatherapy with our CBD essential oil rollers, or tantalize your taste buds with our selection of hemp chocolates.

Getting Sleepy

Having trouble getting the rest you need? Our CBD tinctures taken before bed may help promote better sleep*. Add a CBD herbal hemp tea, and you’ll be deep in your dreams before you know it. No sheep counting required.


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