Hemp Straws – Compostable!

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These disposable straws are made of 100% plant-based material, including hemp! Since they’re made with only renewable resources and are completely compostable, there’s finally a guilt-free way to enjoy a clean straw with your drinks. They work with hot or cold beverages and are best composted at a municipal composting facility.

Why use hemp straws?

Every year millions of tons of single-use plastic ends up in the environment, most of it in our oceans. Since the vast majority of those plastics are petroleum-based, they take hundreds of years to degrade, and in the meantime wreak havoc on ecosystems worldwide. Even when they do degrade, they break down into microplastics, which are known to be toxic and are difficult to filter. It’s our duty as conscious, caring human beings to do what we can to stem the unfolding catastrophe. Buying products made with natural, renewable ingredients that biodegrade into safe, non-toxic substances is one of the best things we can do. These hemp straws may look and perform just like regular straws but with minimal impact on the environment.

Note: Best composted with a municipal composting service. Results of composting these hemp straws in a home composting system may vary.