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We are completely sold out of SteepFuze CBD Tea. SteepFuze has been acquired by Willie’s Remedy. Click here to shop the same great CBD tea and get 10% off with code TRYWILLIES10!

Get your daily serving of CBD with these craft teas from SteepFuze. A citrus green to start your day gently, followed by a bold and floral black blend to energize and motivate, and finishing with a calming hibiscus in the evening or as a nightcap.

Small-batch infused in Boulder, CO with full-spectrum CBD made from American-grown hemp, these teas are a must-have for any tea collection and are a great way to upgrade the wellness benefits in your cup.

Each 3 oz tin contains 180 mg of full-spectrum CBD made from hemp.

Available in three blends:

Product Details

Health & Nutrition

Tea has long been known as a health drink even well before modern science caught on. Nutritionists believe this has to do with tea’s high levels of antioxidants, especially flavonols (also found in hemp) and catechins. Antioxidants help to deactivate free radicals that do harm to cells.

Natural Energy

Green and black tea contain a moderate amount of caffeine that can help you concentrate on mental tasks and perform better at physical activities, however not so much to cause nervousness or jitters. These teas are the perfect energy boosters for people who are too sensitive to the caffeine in coffee. Note that herbals teas, like the SteepFuze Hibiscus tea, does not contain caffeine.

Mindful Wellness

It’s difficult to describe the satisfaction that comes with sipping a steaming cup of delicious tea. Moreover, the simplicity and beautiful experience of enjoying this gift from nature teaches us to enjoy and be grateful for life’s small pleasures. Tea has been helping people appreciate life and gain spiritual contentment for millennia.


Citron Green:

– Green tea
– Orange peels
– Marigold flowers
– Natural lemon and orange flavor
– Full-spectrum hemp extract (rich in CBD)

Black Blend:

– Ceylon tea
– Assam tea
– Full-spectrum hemp extract (rich in CBD)


– Rose hips
– Hibiscus flowers
– Cranberries
– Blueberries
– Billberries
– Blackberries
– Currants
– Strawberries
– Full-spectrum hemp extract (rich in CBD)

CBD Value

All teas: 11 mg/$

Lab Reports (COAs)

Click the links below to view lab reports for each type of tea verifying CBD potency:

Citron Green
Black Blend
Hibiscus Berry


Full-Spectrum Disclaimer

Note that full-spectrum products contain a small amount of THC (<0.3%). Though there may be benefits to consuming full-spectrum CBD, if you have concerns regarding drug testing or are sensitive to THC, consider trying a THC-free product such as CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD. Keep full-spectrum CBD products away from children and pets. See our FAQ for more information.

FDA Disclaimer

The FDA has not approved this product to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult your doctor before starting any new dietary supplement, including herbal supplements such as hemp extract. Ask your doctor about correct dosing and any possible drug interactions, especially if you have been advised against eating grapefruit.