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Hemp Face Mask


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  • Made with hemp and organic cotton blend
  • Naturally durable and anti-microbial
  • Comes in green or natural colors
  • Measures 6″ x 4″
  • Masks are washable, reusable, and compostable

Hemp fiber is the world’s strongest and most durable of the natural fibers. This fiber from the outer bark of the Cannabis sativa plant is also stain resistant and has anti-microbial properties. The Chinese have kept growing hemp throughout modern time almost exclusively for its fiber, which they primarily use in hospitals exactly because of their anti-microbial properties and superior durability. We’re just now catching up as we realize hemp fiber’s potential to help us avoid the environmental damage of synthetic fossil fuel-based fibers that dominate our world today.

The hemp fiber portion of the mask is even compostable! After the strings lose their elasticity, after about 2-3 months of good wear, which is also when masks should be replaced anyway, simply cut off the bands and use the cloth part as a rag. When the rag is worn, just toss it in the compost. Municipal composting is best, as it may take a long time to decompose in a home compost system.

Note that masks such as these help to prevent the spread of germs to others but are not as effective at preventing the wearer from exposure, so make sure you and everyone around you is wearing a proper mask, ideally made of hemp!