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While CBD has been getting all the attention lately, many often miss the other incredibly healthy product that comes from hemp: The seeds! Hemp seeds, which are actually little nuts, are considered a superfood packed with nutrients like:

  • Allergen-free and easily-digestible plant-based protein
  • Dietary fiber
  • Oil rich in Omega fats
  • Anti-oxidants like Vitamin E
  • B-vitamins
  • Essential minerals, such as zinc, iron, copper, and manganese

In this bundle you get to save 15% when you try (or stock up!) on the three main ways to enjoy hemp seeds:

  • Queen of Hearts Hemp Hearts (12 oz bag): Hemp hearts are shelled hemp seeds that have a buttery texture and mild nutty flavor. They’re excellent on oatmeal, yogurt, salads, and a variety of other dishes. This is the most common way to eat hemp seeds
  • Humming Hemp Protein Powder (16 oz bag): Hemp protein powder is great in smoothies and for adding a nutritional boost to baked goods.
  • Queen of Hearts Hemp Seed Oil (16.9 oz bottle): Hemp seed oil goes well in smoothies and as a salad dressing or drizzle over hummus or pesto, among many other foods. It’s a fantastic source of Omega fats, especially Omega-3, and is considered a healthier source of this essential fat compared to fish and flax. Many folks take hemp seed oil daily as a supplement.

This bundle is a must-have for the health-conscious eater and makes a great gift for the wellness junky in your life!

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