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Craft Hemp Farms

Looking for quality hemp flower and CBD extracts at competitive prices? We’ve got you covered with our network of craft farms across the Rogue Valley of southwestern Oregon.

Premium Products

Premium Products

A culture of farming excellence ensures we produce some of the best hemp on the market. That includes meticulously tending to every crop during the growing season, then hand harvesting, hang drying, slow curing, and properly storing to maintain optimal quality and freshness. Our CBD oils are produced locally by extraction partners who follow all standard safety and cleanliness protocols.

Prime Location

Prime Location

Our farm network is in the Rogue Valley of southwestern Oregon, which is known as one of the best places to grow hemp in the world. Long summers, fertile soils, and clean water from the Rogue River allow plants to grow healthy and attain their fullest expression of cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Customer Service

Customer Service

We stand behind every batch of product that we produce and stand ready to quickly resolve any issues to our customers’ satisfaction. We can additionally connect you with vetted companies to help with your supply chain, including logistics, and white label.

Clean Cultivation

Clean Cultivation

Our farmers grow using only organic methods by avoiding toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and instead implement Integrated Pest Management using biocontrols and maintaining natural soil fertility. We also minimize tillage and the use of plastic mulch as much as possible, so our crops are environmentally regenerative.

Low Prices

Low Prices

Don’t waste your money dealing with brokers. Ordering from us means buying directly from farmers, which means we can offer our products at competitive prices by cutting out all the middlemen. Our expert farmers also know how to grow efficiently, and we pass that savings on to you.

Image of flowering hemp buds

Craft Hemp Flower

Our hemp flower is always hung dried and slow cured to retain full potency and aroma. We carefully quality control to ensure every pound is free of mold and other undesirables.


CBD Cultivars

– Bubba Kush
– Suver Haze
– Lifter
– Frosted Lime
– Hawaiian Haze
– Siskiyou Gold


CBG Cultivars

– White CBG
– CBG Stem

Close up image of flowering hemp plant
Image of hemp extract

Hemp Extracts

Our bulk CBD extracts boast an impressively broad range of beneficial compounds, even in distilled form.


Bulk CBD Extracts

– Full Spectrum Oil (Winterized, decarboxylated, & charcoal filtered)  

– Distillate (Molecular rolled film)

Image of hemp extract

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Trade Associations

We believe in the power of cooperation and collaboration, which is why we are members of and support the following non-profit hemp industry trade organizations:

Hemp Industries Association Logo

Hemp Industries Association

Industrial Hemp Association of WA Logo

Industrial Hemp Association of WA

Consciously Curated

All of our brands have been vetted to our high standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. These brands all share our deep commitment to customer satisfaction and are companies you can feel good about bringing into your life.

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