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Artisan Crafted Hemp Flower

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Hemp flower may look and smell like marijuana but is far from it. With low levels of THC (<0.3%), these products won’t get you high but instead will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Perfect as a functional daytime smoke or to unwind in the evening. They’re also a great tobacco alternative. Explore our curated selection below!

  • Kief

    Kief is a fine powder comprised of the small crystals found on hemp flower called “trichomes”. These crystals contain all the valuable cannabinoids (like CBD and CBG), terpenes, and other beneficial compounds that grow in the flower. Kief can be sprinkled on hemp flower buds for extra flavor and potency.

    Kief is also a superior choice for infusing into oils and butters for making edibles, as it dissolves completely and requires no straining. It also contains none of the hempy taste that you get when infusing whole flower.

    Available in CBD and CBG.

Consciously Curated

All of our brands have been vetted to our high standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. These brands all share our deep commitment to customer satisfaction and are companies you can feel good about bringing into your life.

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