Your pet deserves the best. Hemp can provide it.

Why should people have all the fun? Pets can benefit from hemp in all the ways we can!

Pets also have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and so benefit from CBD in the same way we do. CBD’s soothing affects can calm stressed pets and provide similar relief as in people.

We offer pet CBD in both oil tinctures and yummy treats. We also have a selection of CBD-infused topicals that are specially formulated for pets.

All of our pet CBD products are made with clean ingredients and tested for purity. Explore our curated selection of pet products to see how your furry friend can enjoy all the same benefits of hemp!

Consciously Curated

All of our brands have been vetted to our high standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. These brands all share our deep commitment to customer satisfaction and are companies you can feel good about bringing into your life.

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