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The best in hemp topicals now available nation-wide

Heard the buzz about Cannabis Basics but don’t live in WA? Then this sister line of topical products is for you! They contain the same great all-natural ingredients as Cannabis Basics but use hemp-derived CBD, meaning they can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Image of Ah Warner Founder of Cannabis / Hemp Basics

About Ah Warner


Ah is a true pioneer and champion for natural products and topical remedies. She created her first product line in 1995 called Cannabis Creations, which included candles, stationary, hand-dyed yarns, fabrics, handcrafted pillows, and even a line of hemp seed goodies called Incredible Edibles. She then began researching the therapeutic benefits of blending hemp seed oil with healing botanicals and essential oils to create her first topical product: The lavender and tangerine Love Yourself Massage Oil that is still part of the Cannabis Basics brand today. Ah co-authored Washington’s 2005 “Cannabis Health & Beauty Aids” (CHABA) law that allowed cannabis-infused topicals to be sold anywhere in the state, including in natural retailers, spas, and massage clinics. She continued to lead the industry by founding and becoming Executive Director of the International Cannabis Health and Beauty Aids Producer’s Alliance (ICHABAPA). With federal legalization of hemp in 2018, Ah created her hemp-infused sister brand, Hemp Basics, that can be shipped nationwide. She has won several advocacy awards, including the Cannabis Women’s Alliance Award for her focus and dedication to the women in Washington’s cannabis industry. Today she continues to make exceptional all-natural topicals and advocate for our right to use cannabis products.

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