Why We Love Ah Warner From Cannabis Basics

Just last year I had the pleasure of meeting Ah Warner, CEO and Founder of Cannabis Basics. Kris had already known her for some time, but I had just joined the Cascadia Hemp Co. team and was still learning the ins and outs of the hemp industry.…

Six Reasons to Hike With Hemp

Love to hike? Learn how hemp products can elevate your hiking experience. Whether with nutritious food, soothing extracts, moisturizing creams, durable gear, a toke at the top, or even something for your pup, hemp has you covered on the trail!

Can CBD help protect us from the coronavirus?

Learn how some hemp products may be able to strengthen your immune system. Hint: It's not CBD.

How To Make Sure Your Hemp CBD is Safe

Learn how to make sure the CBD you buy have been verified for potency and purity, so you know the products you're getting are safe and effective.

How to Verify Lab Reports for Hemp CBD Products

In this post, learn how to find and verify lab reports, or Certificates of Analysis (COA), to ensure the CBD products you buy have been tested for potency and purity.
Hemp Payment Processing

The Pain of Payment Processing for Hemp CBD

Have you ever shopped for hemp CBD online and finally found the perfect product only to discover that the website doesn’t take credit card payments? You’re not alone!
Queen Of Hearts Hemp Foods

New CBD Tea & PNW Hemp Seed Foods

In this post: New hemp seed food products from Queen of Hearts Hemp Foods, and new CBD-infused teas from SteepFuze.
WA State Capitol building

WA Hemp History & Update

A summary of hemp in WA and where things stand today, including an overview of the new hemp bills being considered by the WA legislature.
Picture of a hemp field in Kentucky with the caption "Thank you for supporting hemp!"

How You Can Support Hemp

Your jazzed on hemp and want to help. Fantastic! This post is for you. Read on to discover ways that you can help the hemp movement.

Happy Hemp History Week!

As this year's Hemp History Week wraps up, indulge in some good news and read about how 2018 may be the year that hemp becomes fully legal in the U.S.