About Cascadia Hemp Co.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

Cascadia Hemp Co. was founded in September of 2017 with three goals in mind:

  1. Educate the public on the many benefits that industrial hemp offers to ourselves, our communities, and our environment
  2. Connect people with high quality hemp products as well as the latest industrial hemp news and science
  3. Support the growing hemp industry in WA and the greater PNW by partnering with local hemp business and supporting pro-hemp legislation at the state and federal levels

The time has come for the people here in the PNW and worldwide to once more reap the benefits of creating and using industrial hemp products made from low-THC (non-intoxicating) varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant. By partnering with businesses and organizations in the industrial hemp world and working with our government to make workable hemp laws and regulations, Cascadia Hemp Co. works to promote the reintegration of industrial hemp into our domestic economy while offering food, fiber, and personal care hemp products made as locally and sustainably as possible.

Industrial hemp is an economical and environmentally regenerative crop that flourishes right here in the PNW. It has a long and vibrant history in the U.S. and throughout much of the world and human history, while its cultivation has the potential to fulfill the nutritional, raw material, and energy needs of our growing society in a manner that is sustainable and scalable. It also serves to revitalize our region’s agricultural economy as well as local small business and thus help bridge the gap between our rural and urban communities. Finally, the therapeutic potential of CBD-rich hemp extract is finally becoming more thoroughly understood and accepted. However, while the battle between our government, the pharmaceutical industry, and the cannabis industry goes on, the best interest of the public often takes a back seat. Cascadia Hemp Co. is committed to always using the latest science to determine what indeed is the best way in which hemp can serve the public good.

Please join Cascadia Hemp Co. in supporting local industrial hemp and exploring its many benefits. Together we can move our society to a sustainable economy so our children may inherit a bountiful world in which to pursue a healthy and meaningful life.

About the Founder

Cascadia Hemp Company founder and president Kristofer Plunkett by a GenCanna and Altalo Holdings industrial hemp test plot

Kris Plunkett discovered hemp in early 2017 while on sabbatical from his career in the software industry. A good friend had just opened up a coffee shop in Seattle and mentioned wanting to stock coffee cups made from hemp paper. However, he had no luck finding a supplier. Like many, Kris knew that hemp was somehow related to the marijuana plant and could be used for things like clothing, rope, and paper. Hemp hearts had also recently found their way into his pantry after finding a bag at a local store. A newly sparked curiosity led to an evening of online research, revealing that…

  • Industrial hemp cultivation and acceptance is re-emerging across the U.S. and the world as people realize the health and environmental benefits of growing and using hemp.
  • The range of applications for industrial hemp is extends much past paper and clothing and includes plastics, construction material, bio-fuels, and even nanotechnology.
  • Industrial hemp can grow nearly any where, fits well into a typical crop rotation cycle, and repairs the soil where it grows, meaning farmers all over can grow this cash crop and provide their local economy with a truly premium and versatile resource.

The brimming potential of hemp was obvious, and many come to see that hemp “checks all the boxes.” Kris spent the next nine months learning, connecting, and planning, an adventure taking him from OSU’s online industrial hemp course to Hemp on the Slope in Colorado, and even to Kentucky for the Hemp Industries Association’s 24th annual conference, meeting many passionate (and compassionate) fellow “hempsters” along the way. Work on a local brand to support industrial hemp in WA began in June ’17, and by September Cascadia Hemp Co. was officially unveiled to the world. For Kris, this is an opportunity to make a real positive difference in the world, and his heart and soul is behind it. Please join him in bringing a brighter, greener future for ourselves and our children. The time is now.