New CBD Tea & PNW Hemp Seed Foods

Queen of Hearts Hemp Foods

The queen of nutrition.

Queen Of Hearts Hemp Foods

We are proud to now offer hemp seed products from Queen of Hearts Hemp Foods, the very first PNW hemp seed processor, for sale in our web store, including:

  • Hemp hearts
  • Hemp protein powder
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Hemp seed coffee

Check them out here!

The hemp seeds are packed with nutrition and worthy of a front-and-center place in your kitchen. Swing by our About Hemp page for details on the health benefits of hemp seeds, and then use coupon code SPRINGSEED10 for 10% off of any of these hemp food products through the month of April.

Founders Tonia Farman and Gregg Gnecco started Queen of Hearts, and its parent company HempNorthwest, in Hood River, Oregon in 2018, because they believe people in the PNW should have access to healthy hemp foods made from hemp seeds grown and processed right here in our region. The company is currently sourcing most of its American-grown hemp seeds from North Dakota and Minnesota, where hemp seed production is already well on its way. However, they did buy the only hemp seed grown in WA last year, namely by the Coleville Confederated Tribes (see Tribal Tribune article), and plan to exclusively source PNW-grown hemp seed as soon as more farmers come on board. As members of the Pacific Northwest Hemp Industries Association (PNW HIA), they are actively working to make that happen and are playing an important role in growing the hemp industries for people and planet.

Queen Of Hearts Hemp Hearts

Tea w/ Hemp CBD (by SteepFuze)

Tea drinkers rejoice! No longer is the pleasure of enjoying a hot drink infused with CBD relegated to only the coffee lovers among us. Beckoning to those who prefer the world’s most popular beverage, SteepFuze has added a line of delightful teas also infused with full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extract made from American-grown hemp flower. There’s a tea for every occasion, including:

  • Citron Green: Loaded with phytonutrients and topped with hemp CBD, this lemony green tea provides a gentle, soothing lift and will put a smile on your face after each sip.
  • Black Blend: Bold and invigorating, this tea tastes great and keeps you going.
  • Hibiscus: Packed with anti-inflammatory power, this herbal tea is a wonderful way to wind down in the evening or to relax with any time of day.

To celebrate these additions and all-new packaging for the coffees, enjoy 10% off all SteepFuze products through the month of April with coupon code SPRINGTEA10 and let us know what you think!

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