How You Can Support Hemp

June 11, 2018  /  by Kristofer Plunkett

Societies across the planet are experiencing a hemp renaissance. As people look to more ecologically and economically sustainable alternatives to our every day material needs, hemp seems to “check all the boxes,” making it all the more baffling that there still exists major legal and regulatory hurdles inhibiting entrepreneurs like farmers, manufacturers, and retailers from producing hemp and hemp products for people to enjoy. Despite major recent headway in the effort to legalize and legitimize the hemp industry, there is still much work to be done: The public as well as our elected officials alike must continue to be educated on the incredible potential locked in this plant, organizations working to jumpstart the hemp industry need support in time and money, and the market for hemp products must continue to grow.

Logo for the Hemp Industries Association

Thank you for supporting hemp!

Contact your elected representatives

Right now hemp has the ear of our political process, and we are nearing a tipping point in the legalization of the hemp industries. Reaching out to your elected representatives in support of the domestic hemp indusry will make a difference. The fine folks at the U.S. Hemp Roundtable have created this easy tool for sending a message to your Congresspeople in favor of the Hemp Farming Act, a crucial piece of legislation that would remove hemp from the list of controlled substances and allow commercial production of hemp and hemp products in the U.S.

Furthermore, it’s a great idea to stay in tune with hemp legislation in your state. The National Conference of State Legislatures provides a resource page on state industrial hemp statutes. Some online searching will reveal what pro-hemp organizations exist in your area. For example, in WA we have the Industrial Hemp Association of Washington, the newly formed Pacific Northwest chapter of the Hemp Industries Association (chapter website forthcoming), as well as the state’s industrial hemp research pilot program.

Equally important is spreading hemp awareness, so talk with your family and friends about all the good that hemp offers.

Your voice matters. Make it heard.

Shop hemp products

Market forces are largely affected by consumer behavior. As more people make the decision to buy products made from sustainable resources like hemp, we both reap the environmental benefits of doing so while creating economic incentive for the industry to innovate and expand. We are already seeing this happen today, but the trend must continue for hemp to become a viable industry in the U.S.

Where should you buy your hemp products from? One of our primary values here at Cascadia Hemp Co. is supporting local industry, so with that in mind I recommend taking a look at the HIA’s member directory for hemp businesses in your area. Check the “Retail: Internet” and “Retail: Store” boxes and have fun exploring what interesting new products hemp retailers near you are stocking up on.

Donate to the cause

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is the nation’s oldest trade group fighting for Americans’ right to make and use domestically-produced hemp products. The 501(c)(6) non-profit organization supports growers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, as well as the end consumer. In the early 2000s, the HIA sued the DEA for trying to make illegal all hemp-derived products, including food and clothing, and won, ensuring that people in this country can continue to benefit from healthy hemp foods and durable hemp textiles. The HIA is currently taking the DEA back to court, this time over a new rule that threatens to make CBD from hemp illegal. We believe that people should have the right to buy and use the non-intoxicating botanical extract of the hemp flower, just as we’ve always enjoyed the extracts from other non-intoxicating aromatic plants, such as lavender and citrus. One of the HIA’s main focuses today is to provide a legal defense fund for those businesses that fall victim to the quagmire that has become hemp legislation and policy across our state and federal governments. For those inclined to support the movement with a financial contribution, I recommend donating to the HIA or joining the HIA as a business or supporting member.