Welcome to the brand new website for Cascadia Hemp Co.!

I’m thrilled to offer a portal into the world of industrial hemp through a local brand that centers on bringing the benefits of a burgeoning hemp industry to the Pacific Northwest. Good for urban and rural communities alike, hemp has the potential to boost our regional economies while playing a critical role in our shift to sustainable agriculture. Join me in supporting local industrial hemp!

Industrial hemp brings a message of strength, compassion, and hope.

Strength in our resolve to find sustainable alternatives to the products that we use every day.

Compassion for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities through mindful consumerism.

Hope that together we can bring about positive change in our lives and throughout the world so that we and future generations can pursue meaningful lives on a clean and resource-rich planet.

The good news is that we don’t need to ditch our modern lifestyles, run into the hills, live in mud huts, pick berries, and commune with animal spirits. (Though if that’s your thing, by all means go for it!) Instead, we only need to think more critically about the decisions that we make on a daily basis and educate ourselves on the impact that those choices have on us and others. Change is often difficult, but once the truth about something is revealed and understood, many find that making changes is not only easier but absolutely necessary.

Hemp is a great catalyst for positive change. With tens of thousands of unique applications there’s hardly a thing hemp cannot do, and being a profitable and beneficial rotation crop makes it desirable for struggling small farmers as well. So regardless of which hemp products you choose to use, you are partaking in a sustainable industry benefiting all the communities involved in making those products, including the farmers, manufacturers, inventors, entrepreneurs, merchants, and of course you! The environment also benefits, as industrial hemp regenerates farmland, captures carbon from the atmosphere, and can even be used to clean up toxic soil (see phytoremediation). Truly everyone stands to benefit by incorporating more hemp products into their lives.

This is an exciting time in the history of hemp. After worldwide decline in the 20th century due to prohibition and the dominance of unsustainable and destructive industries such as wood-pulp, synthetic fibers, and cotton agriculture, hemp is making a vigorous comeback. Several other countries already have thriving hemp industries, with Canada starting in 1998 and now leading the way in hemp grain production, China making most of the world’s premium hemp fiber for several decades now, and more recently places like Europe, Australia, and South Africa integrating hemp into construction and manufacturing. Did you know that Mercedes, BMW, and Audi use hemp to make door panels for their cars? (ABC News) Furthermore, evidence for the medicinal benefits of whole-plant, CBD-rich industrial hemp extract is rapidly growing (see ProjectCBD).

Since the U.S. legalized growing industrial hemp with Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, many states have begun the process of integrating this useful but often misunderstood crop back into their economies. Colorado was the first and began in 2013 even before the federal government had approved planting of hemp. Oregon started in 2015, while this (2017) is the first year that farmers in WA are growing hemp with a good start at around 115 acres. Currently, more than two-thirds of states have some sort of pro-industrial hemp legislation. Many states are actively moving toward welcoming industrial hemp into their communities as they realize that industrial hemp is a non-intoxicating plant with significant economic potential. Within the next decade or two we may see most, if not all, states with flourishing hemp industries. Most people may one day wonder why hemp was ever illegal in the first place.

I hope that you join this journey. Head over to the About page to learn more about industrial hemp and how Cascadia Hemp Co. strives to connect communities local and afar to this abundant, sustainable, and useful resource.

Thank you for your precious time and stay tuned for updates.